Keep castoffs out of the landfill

While you are making your house pretty with OnCueHomeStaging techniques, become a member of the Free Cycle Network at  This nonprofit movement consists of more than 5,000 local groups–and some 9 million members–all around the world. It’s all about keeping good stuff out of landfills by allowing members to give away items they no longer need as well as search for things they do need that someone else might want to jettison. And it’s all free, including membership. Prepare to live The Cheap Life in 2013.

Guide to a super cheap bathroom remodel

Even if you are not replacing fixtures and tile, you can choose to ignore them by decorating around them. This is a great article.

Whether you are trying to raise your home’s value or get your asking price when selling, or if you just want to make yourself happy, the super cheap bathroom remodel is an easy project that pays off.

The Real Cost of NOT Staging Your Home

Here’s a great way to calculate your return on investment for home staging. You’ll see what what you stand to lose by NOT staging your home. Take a look at this blog and infographic by my colleague, Melissa Marro, to appreciate how home staging helps to sell homes faster and for more money.  It’s a different world of buyers out there and all home sellers and real estate agents should step up to the plate to enable a speedy sale.

To spend your home staging dollars wisely, contact ON CUE Home Staging for professional advice. In Philadelphia and surrounding suburban areas:

Recycle wisely: Pre-Holiday Closet Cleanout!

As you begin your decorating plan for all the holidays, don’t cringe when you think about pulling everything out.  Why not make some extra storage room in all your closets now.  It’ll be so much easier to put decorations away with all the extra space you’ve created.  Being organized is a GREAT feeling whether you are moving or not.

 Fact:  Did you know the average American throws away 68 lbs. of clothing per year!

For Philadelphia and suburbs residents, here’s more on the problem, from GridPhilly, with solutions to get rid of unwanted clothing WITHOUT throwing it in the trash.  Even your worn out clothing is needed by textile recyclers who transform them into usable goods.  Do the right thing – save the landfills.  Check it out.

For all other unwanted household items, contact these organizations, all in the Philly area:

Restore – Habitat for Humanity —

Impact Thrift –

Purple Heart —

VietnamVets —…/vietnamveteransdonation-pick-up.html

Salvation Army —

  For more help organizing your move or staging your home in the Philly area: