Be kind to trees this Holiday Season

Some hard-to-find green holiday necessaries…

RECYCLED CONTENT WRAPPING PAPER – The average American household increases their volume of trash by 25% during the holidays. Much of this increase is due to the heavy use of greeting cards and gift wrapping paper. Most store-bought gift
wrapping paper contains absolutely no recycled content. Here are some sources
for recycled gift wrap paper:

Greenfield Paper Company:<>                                                                        858-565-2585

Fish Lips Paper Designs:

Earth Love’n Paper Products:

Eco-Sensibility: Clean out Hazardous Waste Before Listing Your Home

A line item for your staging plan: Take advantage of the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Program in your county.  Begin to carve out anything under your sink or in your garage that makes your eyes water or emits fumes.  Paint, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, cleaning solvents, auto products, lead-acid batteries and CFL light bulbs, just to name a few examples.  Most locations will accept your computers, too.  Check out these websites for the greater Philadelpia area and mark your calendars:

Tips to help get your home ready to sell

Look around your neighborhood: Keep all projects to the scale and proportion of other homes in your area. Even if you’re not ready to sell, don’t go overboard with big projects—you may not recoup all the costs when you sell.

When you are ready to begin prep work, see what the competition is doing: Go to to help gauge how much to spend on further minor renovations. See what staged homes are selling for and stay just under that bar.