Staging your home to sell? Learn how to get rid of junk and avoid putting mountains of trash at the curb.

This Environmental Defense Fund article is about recycling the stuff they WON’T recycle at the curb:  plastic bags, wrappings, containers and lids, plastic take-out and Styrofoam and hard-to-recycle waste like candy wrappers, pens, and glue bottles. It also shows you the Second Life for all these items.

If you have too much other stuff and not a clue as to what to do with it, ON CUE Home Staging will help you decide what stays, what gets packed away or what gets recycled.  You don’t have to be moving to get organized!!


To recycle packing peanuts

 Recycling information by zip code

 Mobilize your community

 Recycling agencies, by state

 Plastic bag recycling laws by state

 Environmental Protection Agency overview



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